Local Seasonal Food in a Relaxed Atmosphere

Emma's Food For Life

Emma's Food For Life
Farm Fresh Sunday Brunch Menu

~ Main Meals ~

Black Cherry Waffles :
Black cherries served  over gluten free crispy golden waffles.  Topped with a homemade whipped cream.  Served with your choice of tempeh “bacon”, bacon, canadian bacon, ham, sausage, toast, Greek sausage, fresh or smoked kielbasa, or fruit. $9.00

Pesto Grilled Vegetable Omelet:
A hearty breakfast omelet stuffed with pesto sauce, grilled vegetables,  tomato, and cheddar cheese. Served with your choice of  tempeh “bacon”, bacon, canadian bacon, ham, sausage, toast, Greek sausage, fresh or smoked kielbasa, toast, or fruit.  $9.00

Emma's Breakfast Sandwich:
Your choice of a sausage patty, bacon, ham, canadian bacon, Greek sausage, smoked or fresh kielbasa,  or tempeh bacon from Sunnyside Farm paired with an egg patty and topped with melted cheese on our homemade roll. Served with a fruit side.  $9.00

Mediterranean Breakfast Quesadilla :
Savory Greek pork sausage  combined with scrambled eggs and feta cheese, along with sun dried tomatoes, olives, and greens, all together in a quesadilla.  Served with a tatziki yogurt dip. $11.00

Breakfast Burger:
Sunnyside Farm beef burger topped with bacon, egg, garlic mayonnaise, and cheddar cheese. Served on our homemade roll. Homefries on the side.  $14.00

Black Bean Breakfast Burrito :
 Black beans, onion, tomato, tempeh, and greens tucked into a burrito. Topped with our cashew cream and salsa. $10.00

Vegan Pancakes :
Fluffy golden pancakes, only vegan.  Griddled with your choice of banana or chocolate chips.  Warm maple syrup on the side.  Your choice of tempeh “bacon”, bacon, canadian bacon, ham, sausage, Greek sausage, fresh or smoke kielbasa,  toast, or fruit as a side. $9.00

~ Side Dishes ~

Fruit                                                           $3.00
Toast                                                          $2.00
          Two Eggs                                                    $3.00          
Sunnyside Farm Ham                                   $4.00
Sunnyside Farm Breakfast Sausage              $4.00
Sunnyside Farm Bacon                                 $4.00
Sunnyside Farm Canadian Bacon                  $4.00

Vegan Tempeh Bacon                                   $4.00

~ Beverages ~

Coffee :  Organic, fair-trade blend                       $3.00
French Press Coffee :  Organic, fair-trade blend   $4.00
Hot Tea : Your own individual teapot.  Choose from a wide selection of teas.  Priced Accordingly.
Black Tea                                                           $2.00
Green Tea                                                          $2.00
Lemonade                                                          $3.00
        Kombucha                                                          $4.00        
Orange Juice                                                      $3.00
Milk                                                                   $3.00

~ Sunnyside Farm Meats (priced by weight) ~

Bacon                                             $12.00 (per pound)
Breakfast Sausage                            $7.00 (per pound)
Canadian Bacon                               $10.00 (per pound)
Chorizo                                             $9.00 (per pound)
Eggs                                                  $3.00 (per dozen)
Ground Pork                                       $7.00 (per pound)
Ham                                                   $7.00 (per pound)
Ham Steak                                          $7.00 (per pound)
Italian Sausage                                   $7.00 (per pound)
Pork Chop                                           $7.00 (per pound)
Pork Shoulder                                      $7.00 (per pound)