Saturday 07/16/16
     - BARBEQUE Pulled Pork Sandwich
           with Strawberry Sauce, Cole                Slaw, and Fries

Saturday 07/23/16
     - BARBEQUE Pork
           with Cole Slaw

Saturday 07/30/16
     - Honey BARBEQUE Chicken
           with Grilled Summer                              Vegetable Medley

Saturday 08/06/16

Saturday 08/13/16
     - BARBEQUE Duck
           with Stone Fruit Salsa

Saturday 08/20/16
     - BARBEQUE Rabbit
           with Peach Sauce

Saturday 08/27/16
     - BARBEQUE Pulled Pork
            with Cole Slaw


Emma's Bulletin Board - News and Special Announcements :

  • Emma's Food For Life will be a part of the Selinsgrove Farmer's Market!  The Market takes place every Saturday throughout the Summer from 9am to 1pm in the Selinsgrove Commons.  We will have a wide range of farm-fresh Pork products available from Sunnyside Farm, the farm run by Emma herself.  All of our meats are delicious, pasture raised, and hormone and antibiotic free.  Everything is priced by the pound.

  • Emma has announced a special Summer Barbeque Saturday Series this year!  Most Saturdays in June, July, and August, you can come in to get a taste of one of Emma's signature Barbeque recipes - for more details on dates and specials, see our calendar of Upcoming Events.  Homemade BBQ Sauces, and meats cooked to perfection.  Come in while they last!!!  Take out is available, and reservations are always accepted, so call us to make one today.  

  • Emma's Food For Life is now open for Sunday Brunch! Every Sunday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, join us at Emma's for a great tasting, locally sourced meal! We will be serving a special NEW menu that you will absolutely love!!!

  • We are Proud to Present our brand new Tea Menu!!!  The quality is superb, and the taste is amazing.  We are so excited to be able to bring you teas that are this fresh and delicious, direct from the farms/farmers who grow them.

Here at Emma’s Food For Life, we are proud to serve delicious food made from fresh, local ingredients. Our partnership with Sunnyside Farm, the farm run by Emma herself, as well as other local farms and gardens, allows us to obtain ingredients that are seasonal and fresh. All of our pork comes from nitrate free pasture-raised pigs. Our beef comes from grass-fed cattle, and our poultry and eggs are free-range. We make changes to our menu as different products become available to us, and our soups and specials vary daily. We always support local ingredients and local businesses because we hope to serve our community in a sustainable manner. Eating locally and seasonally connects us to our community and helps us eat the way nature intended - balanced meals with amazing flavors, made from the freshest ingredients.  

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