Local Seasonal Food in a Relaxed Atmosphere

Emma's Food For Life

Emma's Bulletin Board - News and Special Announcements :

  • This year, Emma's Food For Life has partnered with local businesses and several of the vendors from the Selinsgrove Farmer's Market to bring you an Indoor Market!  We have great hand made all natural soaps from White Spring Homestead and eco-dyed clothing and items from Up Cycled! This is in addition to our incredible selection of teas and tea accessories from Adagio. Support local businesses and the local economy while you do some of your shopping!
    And do not forget, Emma's always has a variety of farm fresh meats from Sunnyside Farm available for sale! We will have a wide range of farm-fresh Pork products available from Sunnyside Farm, the farm run by Emma herself.  All of our meats are delicious, pasture raised, and hormone and antibiotic free.  Everything is priced by the pound.  Stop in to see all the amazing variety of products that Emma's and the local community have to offer!

  • ​Emma has been hard at work perfecting the recipe for her Kombucha, trying out a variety of different teas and ingredients, and getting just the right amounts of fizz and flavor.   We are finally able to announce that Emma's Homemade Kombucha is for sale!  New flavors will be available regularly throughout the year as different ingredients become available!

  • Emma's Food For Life is now open for Sunday Brunch! Every Sunday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, join us at Emma's for a great tasting, locally sourced meal! We will be serving a special NEW menu that you will absolutely love!!!

  • We are Proud to Present our brand new Tea Menu!!!  The quality is superb, and the taste is amazing.  We are so excited to be able to bring you teas that are this fresh and delicious, direct from the farms/farmers who grow them.

Here at Emma’s Food For Life, we are proud to serve delicious food made from fresh, local ingredients. Our partnership with Sunnyside Farm, the farm run by Emma herself, as well as other local farms and gardens, allows us to obtain ingredients that are seasonal and fresh. All of our pork comes from nitrate free pasture-raised pigs. Our beef comes from grass-fed cattle, and our poultry and eggs are free-range. We make changes to our menu as different products become available to us, and our soups and specials vary daily. We always support local ingredients and local businesses because we hope to serve our community in a sustainable manner. Eating locally and seasonally connects us to our community and helps us eat the way nature intended - balanced meals with amazing flavors, made from the freshest ingredients.

Above all, we are a local, seasonal restaurant preparing your meal with care, from ingredients that are often fresh from the farm.  We are proud to offer something freshly prepared and delicious for nearly any diet.  We offer many gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options and substitutions, so that anyone can enjoy a meal with friends and family, regardless of any individual’s dietary needs or concerns.